You’re scared, nervous and worried about doing the right thing, the right way at the right time.

You don’t know why you feel this way or where it comes from, but it feels like this is just the way you are.

You’re tired of shying away from people because of your overwhelming feelings and wish you could just enjoy life without having the constant commentary in your mind about the way you’re acting and how other people might be judging you.

You’re overwhelmed with anxiety.

Some days are better than others. Some days you can push through the noise in your mind and enjoy being in relationships with other people. Those days are fewer than the days where anxiety overwhelms you and prevents you from living.

Things like speaking up at work, saying hi to your neighbors, or going out in public and meeting new people are difficult for you. You’ve tried to overcome it with willpower; you may have even asked your friends how they deal with it; but it hasn’t helped.

Anxiety – History and Hope

Anxiety comes from a specific pattern of thoughts and behaviors that are often learned in childhood as an adaptive coping skill to ensure you belong in your family.

Anxiety is a learned behavior (thinking and acting) that gets passed down from parent to child through modeling. Whether you struggle with performance anxiety, social anxiety, fears, phobias, or obsessive/compulsive behaviors, there is help.

You can learn how to overcome your anxiety and reclaim your life.

How is anxiety treated?

Anxiety can be treated with a few different treatment methods including: Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). Depending on your specific situation we may use some or all of these methods. Every person is different and so their treatment should be different too. 

In your sessions, we will uncover and map your anxiety pattern, what triggers it, where it comes from and how you can change it.

We will look at how anxiety happens in different areas of your life, including your personal relationships, your career and your love life.

As we discover your unique anxiety pattern, we will tailor skills and help you come up with solutions for your situation.

Anxiety has been holding you back for too long. Let’s do something about it.

Nervous about starting treatment? Want to know more about how it works and what to expect?

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