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Are you or someone you love struggling with an Eating Disorder? Not sure what to do or how to help make things better? I get it. Eating disorders are complex and often don’t make sense to anyone involved. Eating disorders are not prejudiced and effect men as well as women.

Whether you’re struggling in silence or you’re seeking help for someone you love, recovery happens to people just like you. 

At Anxiety Therapy SD, eating disorders are treated as the symptom of a deeper anxiety. Most people understand that someone with an eating disorder has anxiety about food, appearance and/or social acceptance. Few people understand that eating is not the actual problem. Beneath the surface there is often a deeper anxiety that comes from difficulty managing feelings in relationship, struggles with self-acceptance and difficult primary relationships (parent, sibling, etc.) that leads to difficulties with food. 

When the deeper issues are addressed, the issues with food usually resolve as well.

Successful treatment is often treatment that involves the family or loved ones. Successful treatment focuses on healthy eating patterns (directed by a nutritionist or dietitian) and the development of healthy emotional and behavioral patterns (directed by a therapist). This development is for both the patient and the family.

In many cases, especially with teens and young adults, treatment can be significantly improved with the active involvement of family in treatment. If you’re seeking treatment and your family is not supportive or can’t participate in treatment, treatment can still be effective.

Therapy can help…

Therapy can help address the underlying emotional issues that result in eating disorders, whether you attend individually or as a family. 

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